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Leather braceletMens leather bracelets or leather wristbands are one of the oldest men's accessories and their beginning is the time when people started to use leather cords and leather cuffs as signs of recognition or status, some date back to 2000 before Christ. Some men's bracelets carry religious or symbolic meaning, for example celtic warriors put leather cords on their arms before fights as a part of ritual and also for for defensive reasons. During Grecian times the bracelet popularity increased and spread also in women fashion world, when they noticed that men wore leather bands (with stone decorations) on their forearms. There are famous ethnic and ancient men's leather bracelets and leather armbands, such as mens celtic leather wristbands, viking bracelets for men (made of leather or silver or other metal) and other ancient leather and ancient silver jewelry that carries symbolical meaning and serves as a unique piece of men's jewelry.

Mens armbands have regained their popularity today and they mostly serve as a fashion statement, however groups tend to use them also for purposes of showing belonging to the same people who share same opinions. There are surfer's bracelets, support group bracelets and simply beautiful men's bracelets as part of men's jewelry.