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Leather necklaceMen's leather necklaces are usually made with other natural materials such as animal bones or shells or wood and stones (particularly gem stones). Already ancient men made their men's jewelry part as a religious ritual or made them as status symbols. It is believed that first necklaces were made 40,000 years ago. As the civilization advanced the necklaces became more crafted and new metal details were added to them. Such metals are available today - gold, platinum, rhodium, t titanium and other alloys. Men's leather necklaces go well with silver pendants or other silver details. Silver leather necklace makes fabulous and masculine accessories and their charm undeniably lies within the simplicity and combination of these natural materials. Men's necklace is third most popular men's jewelry after rings and men's bracelets. These jewelry items can be made of different color leathers, for example, black cord necklace is among the most popular, also brown cord necklace is rather common and there are plenty of other shades of hide necklaces to look through to find the perfect one.