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Although the typical cuff links for men are made of silver, gold or titanium, there is a place for leather cufflinks as well. And what is especially great - they can absolutely make the formal style a bit more informal as they allow some more fun and fashion in otherwise traditional and formal men's outfits.

Celtic leather wristbandCufflinks are first documented in history in 16th century when cuff strings are used for sort of buttoning the shirts. Later the sleeves are buttoned with two chain - joined glass buttons. In 18th century the cufflinks change glass to treated studs and jewels. For example the most popular cuff links were made of gold and silver buttons that were fastened together with a small chain. With the development of manufacturing techniques and introduction of new materials, these accessories became widely popular and also much cheaper. Today these pieces of jewelry are made both for men, although there are some romantic designs for women as well. They are used instead of buttons for shirts that have holes for buttons on both sides of the sleeve, but with no buttons. There are also several ways how to wear them, for example, you can wear them with ends together - sort of "kissing", or the way when one end is over the other. These studs and buttons are worn in formal outfits as well, and add more elegant touch to the men's attire.