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Celtic bracelets come from really ancient times when the warriors used to put leather wristbands on their arms to prepare for fight, show their belonging to particular clan and used them as a sign of recognition. These bands served both ritual purposes and also practically as well, to give support to arms in a fight.

Celtic leather wristbandCeltic wristbands and bracelets typically have the traditional ornaments and symbols, such as the famous Celtic cross. Many of these ornaments and symbols are Bronze Age and they bear a sort of abstractionism in symbols of wildlife or some of the plants. The Celtic Cross and knot arm bands are well known for their religious and symbolic message. These warrior bracelets (and gaelic bracelets) are decorative and impressive pieces of art, as they are made of the finest leathers and usually they have the silver details in rounded shapes on them. The cross is a sign of completeness of cycles as the cyclic way of nature was a part of the ancient culture. This is one of the most recognized and known signs from this culture. The knot is a sign of unity and eternity and this sign has been extensively used for men's and women's jewelry.